Support For Parents

This page is under construction… this space!

As both a Coach and a parent, I well understand the importance of growing and building healthy/ happy relationships with our children.

This page will focus on how you as a parent can help support and encourage your young athletes to:  Eat Better – Move More – Rest Well.

Do you ever wonder:

  • How much training should my child be doing?
  • How much rest/ recovery do they need?
  • How much food and what sort of foods should they be eating?
  • What to do if ny child wants to quit?
  • What about injuries and long layoffs?
  • What to do to help calm nerves of race days?

And much more….

Well – this page will be a great place to find answers to questions like these and hopefully reassure you that this exciting journey in being a sporting parent is in fact survivable!😁

Why use an accredited coach?

Rules re Little Athletics Competition