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Hi there! My name is Jenny Hassan.

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LimbActive was created out of a passion for wellbeing.

My husband Paul and I met 15 years ago whilst working together as Horticulturist’s at a large Garden Centre.

We share a common love for plants, nature, growing food and running (amongst many things).

With 3 young children of our own, we believe it is important to model a healthy lifestyle to them also.

Good health is such a blessing! And although life often throws unexpected challenges our way – there is a lot of lifestyle factors over which we do have control.

Daily habits carve out our health and wellbeing for the future.

Invest in your future health today!

  • Move a little  (or a lot)
  • Eat more whole, unprocessed  foods
  • Take time to rest and recover
  • Get at least 6-8hrs sleep a night
  • Get out into the nature
  • Spend time with quality people
  • Invest in your mental/spiritual health via prayer/meditation

We hope that you find your time spent here to be encouraging, informative and inspiring.

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Jessica Hassan At National Nitro School’s Challenge.


Congrats to LimbActive Squad Runner: Jessica Hassan who made her debut at National level Athletics this week.

Jessica competed in Perth at the National Nitro School’s Challenge. Due to her team only having 5 members ( not 7) Jessica competed in several events including the 4 x 100m relay and the 2 x 2 x 400m relay….but it was the 800m event that she was most keen to participate in.

Jessica was the only 13yr old amongst the field 14yrs girls.

She placed 10th out of 15 runners – which is a great achievement for her first ever National Competition.

Well done Jess.

Alyssa Murphy U12 ACT Champion!



Congratulations to our LimbActive Squad runner – Alyssa Murphy who won Gold in Canberra last weekend at the ACT XCountry Championships!

Alyssa ran a beautiful race to win by a comfortable margin in the U12 Girls category.

Aly has been working hard in training over the past 18 months and has shown incredible improvement in that time across many different distances!

Only 12 months ago she was struggling with some “growing pains” (severs) issues which made it difficult for her to compete at this event.

However she persevered with appropiate exercises and training loads and has come out the other side all the stronger!

She is a fantastic example that persistence and consistency  pays off.

Her younger brother Luca ( who loves training with the big kids every now and then) took out gold in the U6 Boys race also… a great effort for our little “Pocket Rocket”!


1/2 Marathon Debut For Goulburn’s Angus Elder!



LimbActive Training Squad is incredibly proud of our Angus Elder and his amazing result at Kowen Trail Run  last weekend.

Angus is heading off into Yr 12 at Goulburn Highschool this year….and has been training with our squad for the last 18 months.

This was his first 1/2 Marathon Race – a huge step up from Highschool Xcountry Competition!

He placed 27th out of 101 men over the weekend which is a fantastic achievement!

Congrats Angus – we are all very proud of you and can’t wait to see what other amazing goals you are going to smash this year!


2019 Women Leaders in Sport (WLIS)

More than 300 women from across 43 sports will be directly involved in the 2019 Women Leaders in Sport program.

I am happy to announce that I have been chosen for this amazing opportunity!

I am very grateful for my selection and excited to be a participant in this exciting program!

Click on the link for the full story. 😁

Investing in female sporting leaders


Scholarship Awarded

Congratulations to LimbActive squad runner; Jessica Hassan who has been awarded a Individual Athlete Scholarship with the South East Sports Academy!

Jessica recently was also awarded Goulburn/Crookwell PSSA District Senior Girl XCountry Age Champion and Senior Girl Atheltics Age Champion.

She has qualified for the NSW State All School Primary Athletics Carnival to be held at Sydney Olympic Park in late October – competing in the 800m.

We wish her all the best as she continues chasing her dreams and goals.


Run happy!



I am big believer in doing what you love!

Running plays a HUGE part in my life.

I run for many reasons… it is such a gift!

But like any exercise, there are times that we can feel we are stuck in a rut…we loose our motivation…we can even loose our love of running.

Here are some great tips to rediscover your running mojo:

1. Vary where you run.

Don’t  always run the same route….try mixing it up..especially the surfaces you are running on!

  • The beach
  • The forest or dirt fire trail
  • A park
  • The local grass oval
  • A synthetic track


We drive to beautiful places for a picnic or special occasion – why not drive to someplace new  – and then have a great run!

This can really blow out the cobwebs and freshen up our perspective.

2. Vary how you run.

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine of running a particular distance or at a particular pace.

Mix it up a little with:

  • Speed training ( shorter distances at a higher intensity)
  • Hill training (long,  gentle hills and shorter but steeper hills).
  • Endurance training
  • Strength training


A holistic approach to running will encompass all these. It not only builds us stronger physically, but it is fantastic for us mentally and emotionally to have this variety!

3. Vary when you run.

Whilst we tend to be creatures of habit, don’t  be afraid to try running at a different time of day…mornings, afternoon, evening.

Just take the approprite safety precautions.

4. Vary who you run with.

Some people love running in a squad…others prefer their solitude.

Whatever your preference, step out of your comfort zone occasionally and try something different!

I love running with my children and the dog – we chat and run and explore all at the same time 😁


If you run with music normally – give it a try without….and take in the sounds around you whilst moving.

Or if you don’t usually take music with you – why not give it a try!!

5. Set some goals.

Having a purpose is fantastic motivation!!

You don’t have to be preparing for a competition to set goals.

Consider the following for some ideas…

  • Running a particular distance without stopping to walk.
  • Running a specific distance in a certain time.
  • Beating your current PB.
  • To be able to run hill repeats and feel stronger.
  • Complete a Park Run or Fun Run

Your goals are about you…so make it personal and write it down.

Goals without plans remain just wishful thinking.

To translate those goals into reality – create a step by step plan.


If you need help with this, chat with a running coach who will be able to assist you formulate a training plan to help you chase down those goals!

6. Join a club

All over the world there are some great running clubs. Some are formal (Junior and Senior Athletic Clubs) and others are more informal training squads and Park Run communities.

Hanging out with other people who also love running is great fun and really inspiring!

Check out our Useful Links page to help find a club near you.


If you have a question, please fill out a form on our Contact page and I will respond 😁