Be your best!


As a Running and Nutritional Coach one of my primary goals is to assist people become better… be it on the track, on the trails, in their families or workplaces.

No matter how amazing we are…


How dreadful we think we might be..

We are ALL capable of becoming better.

Better athletes

Better parents

Better workmates

Better bosses

Better caregivers



However, it is easy to become distracted!

Some can become obsessed with comparing themselves to others.

An athlete who spends too much time focused on another athletes performances won’t be able to reach their own best potential.

Someone who constantly compares themselves with all the other people in their workplace or at the gym, school, supermarket….will always find themselves lacking.


Instead I encourage people to focus on their path.

Become busy improving yourself and you won’t have much time to play the “Comparison Game”.

I truly believe that we all have an opportunity to SHINE!

Some people get caught in what I call:

“The Put Down”  trap.

This is where it can seem easier to put others down so that you are then “above them”.

It’s  cheap…it’s nasty….and it screams:

“I am not of person of real integrity or character”



Imagine if everyone spent more time developing their own AWESOMENESS and less time comparing, gossiping and pulling down others.

I am all for that!

There is plenty of room in this world for us all to be the best versions of ourselves.

We all have a choice to make…

I’d  like to encourage you all today to keep working on becoming the best version of you possible.

Eat Better – Move More – Rest Well

Set some goals and get to work!!!

You deserve it, your family and world desperately  needs it!

Step up and encourage others to also!

Let’s  all get busy shining!


If you would like to work with me..then check out some of our other pages:

Coach me to run

Eat – Move – Rest Program

Or send me a message by clicking on the link below 😁


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