Highlights from the Summer Season with some of our athletes….

Jess Hassan is both one of our Senior Squad Atheltes and also a Level 1 Coach!

She had a very busy Summer and achieved some great results.

Her results at the ACT State U13-U18 champs:

Gold in the 400m with a new Pb

Gold in the 200m

Silver in the 800m with a new Pb 

Bronze in the 100m.

 Jess ran up into the U20yrs at the ACT State U20-opens Champs, where she won Silver

in the 400m setting a new Pb.

She competed at the ANSW Country Champs where she achieved the following:  

Bronze in the 400m with a new Pb.

5th in the 800m.

Jess went on to be selected for Team ACT at the Australian Track and Field Championships in the following Events:  

400m, 800m, 4 x 100m and 4 x 400m   

Her two individual races were filled with high calibre athletes, and she ran very strong in both, just missing her Pb’s by narrow margins. 

She ran a beautiful 2nd leg of the U18 Womens 4 x 100m and made up a lot of ground. 

In the 4 x 400m Jess ran her fastest ever 400m and again, made up huge ground for the ACT Team.

At Club Level Jess won:

Best in Age 17yrs Girls

1st Club Representative.

She broke the following Club Records for U17yrs Girls:

Triple Jump (broke twice in the season)

200m (broke twice)

400m (broke twice)


and equalled the current 100m Club Record also.

Jess also achieved new Pb’s in Long Jump and Discus.

She recently won her Australian Christian College 17yrs Girls School XCountry with a very comfortable margin. 


Alexander Skeffington:

We are so proud of how far he has come in just a few short months of training with the Squad! 

 Xani Competed at his first ever ACT State Champs U14-U18 and achieved the following results; 

Gold in the 1500m

Bonze in the 800m

He was selected by ACT to represent at his first Australian Track And Field Championships in Brisbane qualifying for the 800m, 1500m and 3000m….but due to a conflict in the Championships timetable, he didn’t participate in the 800m event. 

Alexander ran a new Pb in his 1500m and ran a very strong 3000m amongst the toughest, fastest young U17yrs men in the country! 

At Trinity College (Goulburn) Athletics Carnival, Xani achieved the following results: 

1st in the 1500m – setting a new School Record.

1st in the 800m

2nd in the 400m

He also comfortably won Age Champion at his school XCountry!

Xani then went on to win 16yrs Boys Age Champion in Canberra at the Archdiocese XCountry Championships as well! 

We are looking forward to watching you compete at the upcoming School XCountry and Athletics events as well as the Winter Series!

James Bell had a massive Summer achieving the following results at Club level: 

 U12Boys 1st in Point score 

He achieved the following Pb’s throughout the season:

4 x Discus, 2 x 400m, 2 x Javelin, 2 x Triple Jump, 1 x Shot Put, 1 x1500m, 1 x 200m, 1 x80m Hurdles.

At the ACT U9-U13 State Champs he achieved the following: 

400m – 5th with a great new Pb!

1500m – Silver Medal

At school level James absolutely smashed out the 12yrs Goulburn High XCountry, winning Age Champion. 

He proceeded to do the same at Tablelands Zone Xcountry Championships. 

At the ACT State Short Course Xcountry Championships he recently won Gold! 

In School Athletics, James recently broke the following Goulburn High School Records: 

400m, 800m, 1500m whilst placing first in his age group! 

He also placed:

3rd in the 100m

3rd in the 200m

1st in Javelin

3rd Shot Put

An exciting year ahead…..

Daisy Hassan also enjoyed a great Summer, spending a lot of time with her Throws Coach (Robina Zucchetto) to improve her Discus and Javelin skills! It paid off for Daisy who was selected to represent ACT at the Australian Little Athletics Championships for these events where she threw a new Pb in Discus! 

She also achieved at Club level the following results:

Best in age (equal) U13 Girls

1st in Point Score U13Girls

3rd Place in Club Representative 

Equal first overall Club Point Score 

She achieved many new Pb’s across most of her events over the season:

3 x 800m, 3 x80mHurdles, 2 x 1500m, 2 x 400m, 1 x 200m, 1 x 100m, 1 x High Jump, 2 x Discus, 2 x Shot Put, 3 x Triple Jump,3 x Long Jump.

At the ACT U14-U18 State Championships, Daisy ran a great new Pb in her 800m! 

At the ACT U9-U13 State Championships, Daisy smashed out an even faster new Pb in her 800m! 

Scarlett Lang Wrapped up a great Summer of Athletics . 

At Club level, she placed  3rd in the point score for U11 girls and she set many new Pb’s also:

2 x 1500m, 2 x 80m Hurdles, 2 x Triple Jump, 1 x Shot Put, 1 x Long Jump, I x Javelin, 1 x200m, 1 x 800m, 1 x 100m.

She competed this season for the first time at the ACT U9-U13 State Championships and achieved the following: 

 400m – 9th with a new Pb!

800m – 9th with a HUGE new Pb! 

1500m – 9th with a great new Pb! 

Scarlett placed 2nd in her School Xcountry, 3rd at the Northern XCountry Carnival in Crookwell with her best result ever! 

And then went on to compete at the Canberra/Goulburn Archdiocese XCountry Championships at Stromlo and placed 9th! 

A fantastic effort after recovering from being unwell in the week leading up to the competition. 

Ebony Klem has been training for several months now with the squad and has been going from strength to strength in her running. 

At Club Level she achieved many Pb’s across both Track and Field events including:

3 x Discus, 3 x Javelin, 2 x 100m, 1 x 200m, 1 x 1500m, 1 x 800m, 1 x Long Jump.

She recently won Goulburn High School Age Champion for the 12yr Girls in  XCountry…. 

Ebony was 2nd across the line in the 12yrs Boys/Girls and the first girl. With 2nd place over a minute behind her! 

She went on to smash out an incredible run to win Age Champion in the 12yrs Girls Tableland Zone also. 

With her School Athletics results still being finalised, I think its safe to say that she performed extremely well and we will be seeing more Ebony throughout the School Athletics and XCountry season! 

Amelia James has only recently started with our Squad and recently her hard work has been paying off! 

She won Age Champion in the 8/9 yrs Girls at Bradford Public School!! 

Then she went on to PSSA XC and placed 3rd – qualifying for South Coast Regional Championships in June. 

We know Coach Jenny Hassan is very proud of your achievements and hard work! 

Ava McIntyre spent the Summer Season competing in the local Goulburn Aquathon. Her Chosen distance is the 200m swim followed by a 4km run.

Ava placed 1st overall at the completion of the Season with the fastest Handicap time.

Shas had a busy few weeks with both School Athletics and Xcountry.

At her Goulburn High School Athletics Carnival Ava won the following races in the 15yrs Girls:





1st in Shot Put

2nd in Long Jump

Next month Ava will be competing at Zone Athletics down in Canberra and we look forward to watching her race.

At her School XCountry, Ava won Age Champion!

She went on to compete at the Tablelands Zone XCountry Championships after a week of being very unwell and has managed to qualify for the South Coast Regional Championships next month!

Stella McIntyre has also been as busy as her sister!!

She loves competing in the local Aquathon Competition and her chosen distance is the 100m swim followed by the 2km run.

Stella won her division and also the Highest Attendance Record!!

Results from the Goulburn High School Athletics Carnival 15yrs Girls:

1st in the 1500m

2nd in the 800m

2nd in the 400m

2nd in the 200m

2nd in the 100m

3rd in Long Jump

We are looking forward to also watching Stella at Zone Athletics!

At the recent Tablelands Zone XCountry Championships, Stella ran a beautiful race to place 4th and has also qualified for the South Coast Regionals next month.