Be your best!


As a Running and Nutritional Coach one of my primary goals is to assist people become better… be it on the track, on the trails, in their families or workplaces.

No matter how amazing we are…


How dreadful we think we might be..

We are ALL capable of becoming better.

Better athletes

Better parents

Better workmates

Better bosses

Better caregivers



However, it is easy to become distracted!

Some can become obsessed with comparing themselves to others.

An athlete who spends too much time focused on another athletes performances won’t be able to reach their own best potential.

Someone who constantly compares themselves with all the other people in their workplace or at the gym, school, supermarket….will always find themselves lacking.


Instead I encourage people to focus on their path.

Become busy improving yourself and you won’t have much time to play the “Comparison Game”.

I truly believe that we all have an opportunity to SHINE!

Some people get caught in what I call:

“The Put Down”  trap.

This is where it can seem easier to put others down so that you are then “above them”.

It’s  cheap…it’s nasty….and it screams:

“I am not of person of real integrity or character”



Imagine if everyone spent more time developing their own AWESOMENESS and less time comparing, gossiping and pulling down others.

I am all for that!

There is plenty of room in this world for us all to be the best versions of ourselves.

We all have a choice to make…

I’d  like to encourage you all today to keep working on becoming the best version of you possible.

Eat Better – Move More – Rest Well

Set some goals and get to work!!!

You deserve it, your family and world desperately  needs it!

Step up and encourage others to also!

Let’s  all get busy shining!


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LimbActive’s Awesome Foursome!

It has been a busy 2 terms of School Xcountry competition in the Southern Highlands and Tablelands…

Many of our Squad qualified for District and Regional Carnivals and improved upon their times and rankings from previous years!

Congratulations to the following young athletes who train regularly with us:



















Special mention to Ava, Xavier, Isaac, Gabe, Aaron, Campbell, Riley and Kara as well.

We have had 4 athletes qualify for NSW All Schools State X Country Championships which will be held in late July at Eastern Creek Raceway.

Congratulations  to:

Angus Elder



Harry Elder


Matthew Hannan



Jessica Hassan


We wish them all the best.

And congrats to our good friends who qualified also up at South West Sydney Regional Carnival: Kara, Kyella and Brodie

And Bonnie who qualified down in ACT 😁

Goulburn District Athletes Shine!

What an exciting couple of weeks it has been!

The LimbActive squad has had over 20 young athletes progress from School Xcountry Carnivals to District in both Primary and Secondary Competition!

With many too young to compete officially – there will be no doubt be many more added to their ranks next year!

We have also had 13 of those young athletes progress to South Coast Regionals and Mckillop Trials!!

Congratulations to the following:

Angus and Harry Elder

Riley and Campbell Cox-Barlow

Matthew and Madeleine Hannan

Jessica and Daisy Hassan

Aly and Ella Murphy

Erica Williams

Zoe Peters

Isaac Quade

Many of the squad runners achieved season Pb’s and improved their ranking from last year.

A number of athletes also narrowly  missed out on selections from District to Regional.

A special mention to those who also achieved District Age Champions:

Riley Cox-Barlow, Matthew Hannan and Jessica Hassan.

I am very excited about the quality of the young athletes in our Regional area – the future of Distance Runners in our part of Australia is looking very promising!

2018-05-22 21.31.55






ACT Little Athletics State Championships

Last weekend saw 4 of our squad runners participate in the ACT Little Athletics State Championships in Woden, ACT.

All of the young athletes achieved new PB’s in EVERY event they entered!!

Personal Bests (PB’s) are a fantastic way for young people to see how much they are improving.

It makes their experience of Athletics a positive adventure about challenging yourself to become the best you can be.

Placings and medals are always exciting… But my aim is to encourage young athletes to stay focused on always giving their best.

Be it in training…or on the track!


Young people do not need to be training with a similar workload of an adult athlete….respect for their growing bodies and allowing them to enjoy other sports and “free downtime” is essential in my opinion.

Let’s keep our young people engaged in sports for life!!

Congratulations to:

Matthew for his incredible Pb in the 1500m!

Madeleine for her HUGE 46 sec Pb in her 1500m


Daisy for 3 fantastic PB’s in Long Jump, Discus and 200m


Jess for 2 new PB’s in the 1500m and the 800m.

Jess also won Gold in these events.



Photo credits to the amazing David and Laura Pease and Marnie Gigliotti who endeavoured  to take pics of all the athletes competing over the weekend!

If you are interested in learning more about Little Athletics, click here to be directed to our Useful Links page

Alternatively, send me a message and I am happy to answer any questions you may have ☺

Goulburn Mulwaree Little Athletic Club is based in Goulburn NSW

Welcome to LimbActive

Hi there! My name is Jenny Hassan.

Thanks for stopping by our Website!

LimbActive was created out of a passion for wellbeing.

My husband Paul and I met 15 years ago whilst working together as Horticulturist’s at a large Garden Centre.

We share a common love for plants, nature, growing food and running (amongst many things).

With 3 young children of our own, we believe it is important to model a healthy lifestyle to them also.

Good health is such a blessing! And although life often throws unexpected challenges our way – there is a lot of lifestyle factors over which we do have control.

Daily habits carve out our health and wellbeing for the future.

Invest in your future health today!

  • Move a little  (or a lot)
  • Eat more whole, unprocessed  foods
  • Take time to rest and recover
  • Get at least 6-8hrs sleep a night
  • Get out into the nature
  • Spend time with quality people
  • Invest in your mental/spiritual health via prayer/meditation

We hope that you find your time spent here to be encouraging, informative and inspiring.

We’d love to hear from drop us a line.

Have an awesome day ☺